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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Best Siri Commercial Parody


Siri certainly seems to be ever so intuitive. But just how intuitive can she be? Watch our favorite Siri commercial parody yet on College Humor.


Get the Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide. By: Yours Truly


Hi Smashwire Friends!
The SW Holiday Survival Guide is finally here for you to download for free. Simply click on the cover to the right of this or find it on this link.

Unlike other gift guides you’ve seen featured around the web, we offer the essentials for your arsenal- and even feature apps you can get for under a buck. Most importantly, you can click right in the PDF to be taken directly to the product to find out more.

Keep reading here for the items that got the boot, but almost made the list. Stay tuned.

Jingle All the Way…

~The Smashwire Team- Colin, Ryan & Haely


VIDEO OF THE DAY! Building projects 3D behind Deadmau5 show in London


Electronic master DJ Deadmau5 kicked things off at London’s Millbank Tower with Nokia Lumia on Monday, Nov 28th. They used the building to project a 3D light show. Stop reading and start watching!

See how they did it:

Holiday Essentials 3: How to Gift an App


Congrats! You’ve survived the dreaded Monday post Turkey Coma Weekend. And now that holiday season is officially in full effect, it’s about time you start making a list and checking it thrice. (That’s three times, for our OCD readers.)

This year, show you pay attention to their interests and gift an app through iTunes- all you need is the email address of the recipient you wish to send it to.

Follow these 3 steps to gift an app to anyone and everyone on your list:

1. Go to the iTunes Store and search for the app you want to gift.

2. Underneath the app’s logo on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a price and the words “Buy App.”

Click on this arrow and select “Gift This App” from the drop down menu.

3. You’ll be taken to a green screen where you fill out the necessary information, and click send. The recipient will get a notice and can download the app from there.

Happy Gifting!

Learn more: http://mashable.com/2010/03/22/itunes-app-gifting/, http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2736

Holiday Essential 2: Tablet Travel


As technology evolves we are left to fill in the blanks as to what can and can’t go through the security checkpoints. Sorry, TSA we can’t actually read your minds. The latest debate has been pertaining to Amazon’s latest E-Reader, the Kindle Fire.

These readers are ideal for traveling as they can browse the web at 30,000 feet, but lately several people have reported that the X-Ray machines at TSA checkpoints have damaged their Kindle Fire. Is that possible?

We investigated and turns out it can be a factor if there is a buildup of static inside the machine caused by the rubber belt. A static charge could feasibly damage the screen and stick to the particles of the screen.*

The solution? Make sure you keep your device (13 inches and under) in your bag. If it’s kept inside a bag, like MC Hammer once said, ‘You can’t touch this.’ Bring it TSA. More questions? Check out The official TSA Guidelines to Tablets and E-Readers

(Speaking of MC Hammer- get the dish on his endeavors in as a tech visionary. Can’t touch this, indeed.)

*original article from: Mashable & Geek Sugar

The Holiday Essentials Kickoff: Cook like a (Celeb) Chef


Whether cooking up a bird for your guests or heading over the river and through the woods- we could all use a little help this holiday season.

That’s why Smashwire will be giving you The Holiday Essentials* to carry you through the company parties, the family gatherings, the airports and finally- the food coma. From beginning to end, you’re in safe hands.

As you prepare for the big T Day- here are the best apps from your favorite Celebrity Chefs.


1. ) FOOD NETWORK’s - In the Kitchen: Food Network Recipes, Chefs, Cooking Tools and Shopping Lists.

WHY: Because you know you too could be a Food Network Star if you just had the recipe. Plus you can search by fav chef including: Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay and more.


Gadgets Humping on SNL


If you happened to catch last night’s SNL, something very special happend. Emma Stone and Andy Samberg show us how technology gets frisky. No really, it gets pretty real. But with a catchy song that won’t escape my head, “We’re gonna make technology hump,” and two annoyingly industrial-esk hosts in khakis and colorful tees, it is just well… PERFECT.

“Clean, close-up shots of tech humping.”



You’re Painless Guide to Holiday Travel


It’s that time of the year: it’s dark when you leave work, Starbucks rolls out the latest 600 calorie (but most delicious) holiday drink ever and you’ll be boozing more than the usual due to holiday-parties-a-plenty.

It’s also time to see book your holiday travel, and in this day in age- there IS an app (and many websites) for that. Ditch your run-o-the-mill Travelocity and check out our list of holiday travel websites and apps to make it as painless as possible. But don’t look to us for dealing with the Crazy Aunt. (Don’t worry, we all have one)


  • -  TripIt — Once signed up for the free service, forward travel confirmation emails to TripIt, which will automatically create a master itinerary of an upcoming trip accessible through the web or a mobile device. The itineraries even include the tidbits we seem to forget like weather updates, local maps, and directions.
  • -  Google Flight Search — Book that plane ticket before prices rise any further! Google’s flight search engine incorporates travel basics like price point, maximum number of connections, and preferred airline with an easy-to-use interface.
  • -  Hotel Tonight — If there are too many relatives in one house, scan the last-minute hotel deals in Hotel Tonight for a chic getaway at a discounted price. Every day three hotels in a city reveal their discounted rates starting at noon, and you then have until 2 a.m. to book the deal and take advantage of a peaceful room.


Check out three more apps your phone must include for this traveling season: (more…)

Happy Halloween: The Creep Factor + VIDEO OF THE DAY!


This Halloween, nonchalantly bust out this 8 GB “thumb” drive to transfer files the creepiest way possible. At $40, I can hardly say it’s worth it- but then again, when else can you find a life like thumb that doubles as a USB drive? And when else can you casually creep up just about everyone? That’s a win in my book.

Buy it HERE!



Time for a new iPhone case, you saucy devil, you.



These iPhones are out on the streets being HARD. Who knew suburbia could be so ganstah?




And the creepiest costume now goes to this Apple trio! Props to the iPod dude (ette?) for commitment- there will be no halloween makeouts in that costume.




And lastly… the VIDEO OF THE DAY! These guys made an actual working iPhone that they could wear. I want to know them.







iPhone 4s Breaks Records


Once you give a mouse a cookie (or let’s say, an iPhone 4S), he’s going to want some milk (or an iPhone 5). These thirsty mice just can’t be satisfied! Following the iPhone 4S launch, there has been a general consensus of disappointment regarding the lack of shared info on the iPhone 5. Regardless of how dissatisfied Apple fans may have seemed, it hasn’t affected business. In fact, it has been quite the contrary.

On Monday, Apple announced that its first day of pre-order sales exceeded 1 million, destroying the record of iPhone 4’s 600,000 orders in one day. Philip Schiller, senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing even remarked, “First day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product Apple has ever launched….”

With over 200 new features, the 4S includes the much-discussed iCloud, allowing users to wirelessly store their music and additional content on Apple’s servers with the capability to receive it from any other device. The iPhone 4S also adds a third carrier partner, Sprint Nextel, in addition to the existing carriers, AT&T and Verizon.

Suck it, AT&T.

Featuring an A5 dual-core processor means double the speed of the previous model, with a battery life up to eight hours. I think that’s enough “milk” to keep Apple users happy for the time being. That’s also enough metaphors for one day.

Check out the iPhone 4S specs and additional features

READ MORE: Wired, News Factor, The Apple Clan 



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