When iPhone first released the iPhone in 2007, there were rumors and conjecture as to why the iPhone was only available on AT&T. It’s been said that people Verizon was offered the first opportunity to carry the iPhone, but they passed on it when Apple wanted to much. If true AT&T lucked out and landed the deal. The deal of the decade.

Regardless, the desire for the iPhone on Verizon has been there since day 1. And on the eve of Verizon announcing what a large number of people have been waiting for, here are 7 reasons why tomorrow is definitely that day.

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  1. iPad is already on sale at Verizon. In October this past year Verizon Wireless stores began to carry the Wifi-only iPads which were paired with Verizon Wireless MiFi devices. [Gizmodo]
  2. iPhone 4 Early Upgrades. When the iPhone 4 was announced this past summer Apple & AT&T made an interesting move. They said anybody that will become upgrade eligible between then and the end of the year will be able to upgrade to an iPhone 4 immediately. Why would AT&T do this? To lock as many people into a 2-year contract so they can’t jump ship, and move to Verizon, of course.
  3. Verizon Already Announced Everything @ CES, Right? Why would Verizon hold a press conference less than a week after holding it’s CES Press conference? Unless, it was for the iPhone. Not to mention that Apple is notorious for not participating in CES, so why would they let a new partner announce one of their products at it?
  4. Verizon CDMA Antenna’s located on the Apple Campus. In July at an iPhone 4 Press Conference, it was noted by many journalists that Apple clearly had dedicated Verizon Cell towers on the Apple Campus. [Macrumors]
  5. With Android and WP7, the competition is getting stiff. Android and Windows Phone 7 (And I guess Blackberry and Palm too) are beginning to produce devices that are great competitors to the iPhone. Android is the definitely the largest competitor. All these devices are available on multiple carriers, if Apple wants to maintain it’s dominance and increase market-share they have to put the device on other networks.
  6. Because the Wall Street Journal says so. WSJ has been pretty good at predicting Apple Rumors, so much so I think Apple is purposely contacting them generating pre-announcement excitement. [The Wall Street Journal]
  7. It’s about damn time. It’s been 4 years, this month, since the original iPhone was announced. That is quite a long exclusive, if you ask me. The point of an exclusive it to create a mutually beneficial agreement, where a product will generate new business for a vendor and the product manufacturer will earn more money, marketing, etc. for that exclusive. However there is a point in which that product will begin need to broaden it’s availability in order to continue being relevant. That time for the iPhone is definitely now. If Apple doesn’t make the move sometime in the next couple of months it will start to hurt them.

The Exclusives: So by now you are wondering about what the Verizon exclusive will be? How can they have an exclusive when the phone is already on AT&T? You remember the myths of unicorns and white iphones right? I strongly believe that Apple made a deal to give Verizon an exclusive on the White iPhone 4.

I’m also fairly certain that they made a deal with Apple that they will be the only, other, US Carrier to sell the iPhone. Though I doubt it will be for 4 years. In all likely-hood it’s only a one year. In today’s competitive smartphone market, I don’t think Apple could afford an exclusive for much longer than that.

Update: For those of you that are interested, follow Engadget’s Live News Feed tomorrow morning, starting at 8am PST. Link