A few thoughts on Google’s self driving car

A few thoughts on Google’s self driving car:

1. This is going to kill the vehicle repo industry. If you don’t make that monthly car payment? No problem, it’s already returned itself to the dealer.

2. Taxi industry should stop worry about Uber and Lyft and start worrying about this.

3. Will be awesome for elderly, drunk, and […]

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Gymkhana 6 100% filmed on GoPro, also filmed with RED?!

I love the Gymkhana videos. I love GoPro cameras. So when they released the 100% filmed on GoPro, Gymkhana 6. I was excited. Then I saw something in the opening sequence of the video…….a Red Camera. Check it out in the image below.


If you want to see it for yourself, watch the video and at […]

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QuickTip: How to Determine Node version from a terminal

To determine the version of Node.js that you are using, run the following command from a terminal:
$ node –version

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QuickTip: How to Determine MongoDB version from a terminal

If you are trying to figure out the version of your MongoDB install on Linux, run the following command from a terminal:
$ mongo –version

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QuickTip: Install ‘unzip’ command on Ubuntu

Trying to unzip a file on your linux server? Run the following command from a terminal (as a Superuser):
$ apt-get install unzip
Essentially, if you aren’t logged in as the Root user you’ll need to run the command as follows:
$ sudo apt-get install unzip

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How to Turn City-Level Tracking on in Community version 13.06


If you love the “Countries” detail in Analytics, but always wanted to see it down to the city level….Now you can. Or, did you upgrade from a pervious version of Community and loose your ability to see Countries/Geo Location data down to the city level?

The following steps enable this feature, which in my opinion should be on by default: […]

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The Photo App for the Serious Phone Photographer


Phones are no longer crappy cameras that give us “good enough” photos to share online, but now actually take photos that are good enough to print! Which is perfect because when we don’t have our camera on us, we always have our phones. Camera+ is a new app that maximizes the iPhone’s capability to take […]

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Saks Fifth Ave Wishing You a Happy Holidays in 3D

Remember the good ol’ days when people would ooooo and ahhhhh over a giant Christmas tree lighting, in wonder of a million twinkling bulbs? Well, in a world of technology, kiss those days good bye and start drooling over the new craze of 3D projections. Saks Fifth Ave takes the reins and drives home a  […]

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Sync Your Fitness Goals With Progress

Packing more pounds than gifts this holiday season? This super tech scale will keep you in check with constant updates anywhere and anytime on your weight goals. The Withings WiFi Body Scale has a super stealth design and  wifi integration allows instant access to your progress via iPhone, Android, iPad (first and second generation), and […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Best Siri Commercial Parody

Siri certainly seems to be ever so intuitive. But just how intuitive can she be? Watch our favorite Siri commercial parody yet on College Humor.

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